Important Information


So, lets just talk about hand dyed yarns a little bit.  There are some important things to know, especially if you've never worked with this kind of yarn before.  

Hand dyed yarn, while usually dyed in batches of multiple skeins, are all different.  No two skeins are going to be exactly alike.  This is especially true in variegated, hand painted and speckled colors.  That being said, it is always recommended to alternate skeins within any project that will require more than one skein.  Why would you want to do that?  Simply said, it helps avoid weird color pooling, obvious changes in dye lots/skeins and gives your piece a more uniform look.  In any case, its always a good idea to alternate.

We also recommend hand washing your knits to keep them looking better for longer.  Super wash yarns are great, especially for baby items and anything that will get regular use.  But to really keep the color rich and the texture from flattening out, there is no comparison to a good gentle hand wash.  If you must wash your knits in the machine, we still recommend a gentle cycle with your items secured in a mesh washing bag, like those meant for delicate items.